Kevin Rowell

Chief Operator, Wicked Ops

Kevin Rowell has devoted himself to the study of sustainability, working extensively on international development particularly in Asia and Latin America. He cofounded the Natural Builders, a contracting company that works around the world doing cutting-edge work in green building and development, as well as large scale art installations. His passion for natural materials and their use in construction has shown through his work with groups such as the World Monuments Fund in preserving traditional architecture, and the United Nations where he has facilitated dialogues about the use of local materials in construction for development.

Kevin is speaking at

May 22, 2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Public Works Main Hall



Introducing the Field Guide to Transformation
- Regina Connell

Transformation Lab Facilitators

- Christian Peele Executive Minister of Institutional Advancement, Riverside Church, NYC
- Tim Soerens, Parish Collective

Transformation Lab #1
Creating a marketplace where refugees and immigrant are seen as investable and not needy recipients of charity

- John Kluge, Refugee Investment Network
- Said Sheikh Abdi, community leader, Somali immigrants in Minneapolis
- Matt Bauer and Amy Tucker, Sparrow Mobile
- Jeffrey Ashe, expert on immigrant-led savings circles
- Kevin Rowell, consultant to the UN High Commission on Refugees

Introduction of Lab #2
Moving regenerative agriculture from farm-to-table to farm-to-hospital food system in Peoria, Illinois

- Carol Hays, System Entrepreneur
- Erin Meyer, Mother Hen

Introduction of Lab #3
Creating a center of gravity to move donor advised funds from a tax strategy to their potential for world changing

- Tim Freundlich, Impact Assets


May 22, 2019
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Public Works Main Hall


  • Jeffrey Ashe (Speaker) Research Fellow at the Global Development and Economic Institute (GDAE), Tufts University
  • Audrey Selian (Speaker) Co-founder, Artha Networks Inc
  • Kevin Rowell (Speaker) Chief Operator, Wicked Ops

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