Carol Hays

Co-founder, ReGenerate Illinois

Carol Hays, Ph.D. is Founder and President of the Strategic Collaboration Group, Inc., a creative consultancy based in central Illinois that focuses on systems transformation. Carol passionately believes that our health and well-being depend on how we connect to each other and to the natural world that supports us all. A multifaceted systems entrepreneur with twenty years experience working in systems change innovation in the community health space, Carol focuses her systems transformation leadership practice with teams from small communities and rural areas who are working at the intersection of caring for places, people, and the natural environment. The Strategic Collaboration Group hosts the Catalyst Col-Lab where community teams envision, seed, and nurture their resilient future together. Learn more about Carol's systems entrepreneurship and the systems catalysts she is working with at Ignite: The Change Catalyst, a Medium Publication by The Strategic Collaboration Group. A podcast featuring systems entrepreneurs, catalysts, and those who advise them is coming soon.

Carol is speaking at

May 22, 2019
9:30 am - 11:30 am
Public Works Main Hall



Introducing the Field Guide to Transformation
- Regina Connell

Transformation Lab Facilitators

- Christian Peele Executive Minister of Institutional Advancement, Riverside Church, NYC
- Tim Soerens, Parish Collective

Transformation Lab #1
Creating a marketplace where refugees and immigrant are seen as investable and not needy recipients of charity

- John Kluge, Refugee Investment Network
- Said Sheikh Abdi, community leader, Somali immigrants in Minneapolis
- Matt Bauer and Amy Tucker, Sparrow Mobile
- Jeffrey Ashe, expert on immigrant-led savings circles
- Kevin Rowell, consultant to the UN High Commission on Refugees

Introduction of Lab #2
Moving regenerative agriculture from farm-to-table to farm-to-hospital food system in Peoria, Illinois

- Carol Hays, System Entrepreneur
- Erin Meyer, Mother Hen

Introduction of Lab #3
Creating a center of gravity to move donor advised funds from a tax strategy to their potential for world changing

- Tim Freundlich, Impact Assets


Anchor Institution Regenerative Agriculture
May 22, 2019
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Public Works Main Hall



Farmers in Illinois seek a path to move from industrial to regenerative agriculture. Although small scale farm to table paths exist, something larger and more scalable needed to be created. The solution is “farm to food service” - a collaboration between farmers, mills and hospitals to provide healthy food to patients, healthy soil for farms, and an economic system to bring it to scale. Includes examination of many types of capital to make this happen.

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