Patrick Boehler

Journalist & Media consultant, Freelance

Patrick Boehler is a journalist and media consultant, currently based in Switzerland, where he advises several media organizations on digital strategy. Over the last decade, he has reported and edited for The New York Times, Dow Jones, Foreign Policy, TIME, Bloomberg News, Le Monde Diplomatique, 时代周报, The South China Morning Post and other publications. His reporting on political and economic news across Asia has been recognized with several regional journalism awards. He previously worked for Austria's ministries of defense and foreign affairs in Beijing and taught journalism at the University of Hong Kong for five years.

Patrick is speaking at

3:45 pm - 5:00 pm
Jade B (3rd Floor)



With nearly $2 trillion in overseas investment and construction projects, China has emerged as the economic superpower many have predicted. Huge investments in Asia through its Belt and Road Initiative, as well as in Africa, Latin America and worldwide, showcase the financial reach of the world's second largest economy. But China's companies can be difficult to track, from basic corporate governance to financial flows, audits, and compliance with international norms. In this panel, experts on Chinese business records join veteran reporters who have followed the trails of Chinese companies from Sri Lanka to Kenya.

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