Cui Zheng

Chief Editor, DataViz

Cui Zheng is the chief editor of Data Viz, an independent team dedicate to data journalism and data visualization service. She oversees the editorial team producing journalistic projects, as well as providing data visualization service to media and corporate partners. She is also a freelance writer on science, technology, environment and health. Prior to her current position, she worked with Caixin Media and The Guardian.

Cui is speaking at

October 5, 2018
11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Jade B (3rd Floor)


  • Jolly Shen (Speaker) The Rising Lab Project Leader, Yicai Media Group
  • Yolanda Ma (Moderator) Co-founder and editor, Data Journalism China
  • Cui Zheng (Speaker) Chief Editor, DataViz
  • Yan Lu (Speaker) Managing Data Editor, 澎湃新闻


China seems an unlikely place for data journalism. The lack of data culture, tight censorship and weak civil society all would seem to inhibit data journalism. Yet data journalism has not only survived this tough environment, but even thrived. Many newsrooms have set up data journalism teams, from official newspapers to commercialized online portals. Some great data journalism work has been produced, from long-form investigative pieces to user-generated interactives. In some areas, such as mobile data presentation, it has a unique character and distribution advantages. The field has also evolved greatly, and the community is growing.

In this panel we will discuss the challenges, but more importantly the opportunities in China, with leading practitioners. We'll discuss the best work that's been done, and also the development we've witnessed over the years. For those who operate in a similar environment - where data is scarce, inaccurate and even a crime, this panel will discuss practical tips and strategic options.

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