Dr. Darryl Baynes

Founder and President
Interactive Science Programs, Inc.

Dr. Darryl L. Baynes is the Founder and President of Interactive Science Programs, Inc. an educational consortium that teaches STEAM related disciplines to students and educators through hands on experiments and scientific presentations. Dr. Baynes has always had a love for math and science, and after graduating with a Chemistry degree from the University of Pittsburgh, began the development of the organizational philosophy of uniting hands on science with role modeling and motivational messages. Along his journey he earned his pilot’s license, scuba diving license and served as Flight Director for the Challenger Learning Center in Wheeling, WV, and as an Aviation Consultant for NASA’s Teacher Resource Center at the University of Pittsburgh. In November 1992, Dr. Baynes combined his love of science, math and aviation and created Minority Aviation Education Association, Inc. This company brought science exploration to the classrooms of school aged students across the country. In 1998, the company’s name was changed to Interactive Science Programs (ISP), to better reflect the mission, goals and scope of the company. ISP has since become one of the preeminent science and math Outreach Company’s and the largest minority owned company of its kind in the country. As Founder and President of ISP, Dr. Baynes is the driving force behind the organization. He oversees the development of new programs, training of program presenters, and program implementation. Since its inception, ISP has provided interactive science programs and training to almost a million students, teachers and parents. Dr. Baynes holds a Master’s Degree in Science and Math Education from Wheeling Jesuit University in Wheeling, WV, and earned a PhD in Science and Math Education from Curtin University of Technology in Perth Western, Australia. He has also passed the Praxis test for General Science Knowledge. His work has been published in several science and conference publications, and he has received numerous honors and awards, including recognition from the National Aerospace Training Research Center (NASTAR) for Distinguished Educators, and League of Extraordinary Black Men. Dr. Baynes’ professional goal is to continue to impact future teachers and K – 12 students in an academic setting and increase access to STEM education for the students and teachers in US schools so that they are able to compete in the global market. The experiments and curriculums that he develops allow participants to connect to the next generation science standards and common core skills. He aims to equip the educators of today with the tools necessary to create an environment of curiosity and wonder for the students of tomorrow. “We are all scientists; we wonder, questions and test our theories about the world. An understanding of science is nothing more than an understanding of ourselves.” Dr. Darryl L. Baynes*, Founder & President, ISP, Inc.

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