Angela Hall

Health and Wellness Professional
ItsTheG, LLC

Angela Hall has a passion for dance and fitness. She is a group fitness instructor, teaching Zumba at Crunch Fitness, VASA Fitness, and The Other Gym. She is also a certified personal trainer and has a love for Yoga and practices daily. With a MBA she runs her own company entitled ItsTheG,LLC. She says, “I want to help heal the world, one class/session at a time”. Angel a, is a mother of two daughters, ages 13 and 6. Angela has attended the African American Youth Leadership Conference throughout her middle school and high school years and now has the joy of seeing her own daughter, now an 8th grader, able to attend the same conference each year. “I am excited to work with our youth in regards to health and wellness, because they truly are our future. It is imperative for them to continuously have positive role models to look up to. As well as, have a strong community that loves and supports them.” –Angela Hall

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