Sherman & PJ Fuller

Sherman currently provides oversight and direction of schedules, responsibilities, and tasks through relationships and training of the facilities staff at a local church. Works with contractors and vendors in the planning of projects, acquisition of proposals and oversight of work performed. Works with the Pastoral Team in the planning and execution of building construction and improvement projects. As Head of Security he helped design and build security plans and infrastructure to protect the church members and properties. • Fire Code Adherence & Safety • Defibrillator • Building and Property Security As the Executive Recruiter for the Troops to Teacher program. He led ten states and two territories (Guam, Common Wealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)). He used his management skills and communication skills to serve a diverse population networking with colleges, military installations, and local communities. Sherman Fuller has worked as a principle for a local Charter School and Dean of Students with D-11 School District. He is the Chief Executive Officer for Forever Learning on Wheels, a Mobilized Tutoring Company in the Colorado Springs area. Sherman served 25 years in the United States Army where he managed issues concerning Noncommissioned Officers and enlisted soldiers, family members supporting training and welfare of soldiers. He was responsible for over 17,000 family members and soldiers. He received numerous awards, decorations, and certificates while serving our nation. Sherman is the ultimate planner and organizer. He specializes in Positive Behavior Support, Differentiated Instruction, Response to Intervention techniques and building Professional Learning Communities. Sherman is the CEO for “Vision Walking” a curriculum-based program designed to help people define vision and purpose. His personal contributions detail his commitment to excellence. He enjoys building relationships and mentoring others to achieve personal excellence. PJ Fuller is currently a High School Interventionist teaching English, Math and Social Studies. She is also a private tutor and multiple business owner. She is a motivational speaker for “Vision Walking” a private curriculum designed to empower others to seek to find their purpose and create goals to achieve it. She is the Executive Director for Forever Learning on Wheels a Mobilized Tutoring Platform in the Colorado Springs area. PJ was a member of the curriculum and design team at the University of Colorado and Colorado Springs which developed a curriculum detailing African Americans triumphs and challenges in the 20th Century and detailed the most effective methods of instruction utilized in classrooms. She served over 19 years with the Federal Government utilizing her administration and managerial skills to help advance various organizations’ goals and vision. She served as State Delegate for Military Families as a voice to military spouses. She received numerous awards and recognition for outstanding service to our nation. She is the ultimate teacher and counselor. PJ is recognized as a valuable resource in advancing students where they struggle in academic areas. Her record of success is impeccable. Her contributions are indicative of her commitment to the education process and to building and enhancing the requirements necessary to reach personal goals and manage opportunities and challenges.

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