Regina English

Yes M.A.A.M

Regina English was born in Battle Creek, Michigan and is a wife, mother, grandmother and God mother. I currently hold the title Mrs. El Paso County 2019 which has been a complete life changing journey for me and I will be competing for the Mrs. Colorado America 2019 title March 2019. I am currently a candidate for a City Council At Large seat as well as the founder of Yes M.A.A.M. a pageant system for girls of color that I mentor thru pageantry, leadership, life skills, coaching, team building, community service and healthy relationships. Also, I am the founder of Be YOU a Non-profit that services youth, currently in Alabama, Colorado and Georgia. We push young ladies and young men to strive to be greater by providing them with life skills, leadership skills, communication skills and education. June 2019 we will be launching our first annual Camp Be You which was inspired by my Be You award that I received in the Mrs. Colorado America Pageant in 2015. My life mottos are: “Committed to Being Fabulous on Purpose" and “ Stay Ready so you don’t have to Get Ready”

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