Charmas B. Lee

Building Champions

Charmas and Janice Lee are the Co-owners of Building Champions a highly successful business located in Colorado Springs, Colorado that specializes in performance and achievement. For more than 29 years Building Champions has been challenging individuals to transform their lives through its dynamic brand of facilitated introspection. The Building Champions approach is the by-product of extensive professional experience building champion athletes at all levels of competition. Charmas and Janice have adapted these insights into a comprehensive strategy that helps businesses and students reach their full potential. Building Champions improves human productivity in the corporate, academic and athletic arenas. The principles of service, leadership and personal development are at the core of every message. Charmas Lee is a coach, author, speaker and sports and fitness professional. Charmas plays a significant role in the development of various amateur and professional athletes across the country. Charmas is a Certified Registered Exercise Physiologist, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Certified Level 3 USA Track and Field Coach, qualified to coach athletes at the Olympic level. He has authored 5 books and has twice been a TEDx speaker. Over the span of 29 years Lee has worked with over 5000 individuals, teams and businesses helping them to achieve unparalleled levels of success.

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