Myla Wray

Art Instructor

A Chicago native, Myla Wray is a visual artist, art educator, and art therapist. She graduated from DePaul University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art and Psychology in 1989. Wray received her Master of Fine Arts and Master of Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1993 and a Certificate of Art Education (K-12) in 1998 and taught in the Chicagoland schools before becoming a consultant for art education. She was an art gallery owner and curator for MW Design in Oak Park, IL and served as panel discussion organizer and curated many art exhibits and performance art exhibitions throughout the Chicago arts community. Myla moved to Colorado in 2007 with her family. Since this time, Wray has donated much time to consulting and helping non-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts. She has also volunteered her time to the Educating Children of Color as well as the Women in Support (WIS), an organization that dedicates fundraising efforts to the support of research for a cure for sickle cell anemia and other illnesses, and higher education scholarships for middle through high school students. Myla Wray is passionate about assisting high school students to pursue their dreams in the visual and performing arts by helping them and their parents or guardians to gain essential skills and knowledge needed to be effective in the pursuit of higher learning preparation and college application that best suits students’ educational and career focus. “The arts convey emotion and ideas that cannot be expressed verbally. This is the beauty of art—it transcends spoken language.” — Myla Wray

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