Dr. Erika Wilson

Evans Army Community Hospital

Erika D. Wilson is a Clinical Pharmacist who works at Evans Army Community Hospital. She currently works with Active Duty Soldiers and Airmen to help manage their chronic pain issues by offering a patient-centered evidenced-based approach to chronic pain medication management. She also teaches other healthcare providers how to better manage their patients with chronic non-cancer pain through the Advanced Pain Management Course that is offered on a quarterly basis by the Evans Pain Management Clinic. Prior to becoming a pharmacist, Erika got a degree in Biochemistry from New Mexico State University and then went on to attend the University Of Michigan School Of Pharmacy to get her PharmD degree. After graduating from pharmacy school, she went on to complete her PGY-1 General Practice Residency at the New Mexico VA Healthcare Center and then completed her PGY-2 Primary Care Specialty Residency with Kaiser Permanente Colorado. Even though her passion is primary care clinical pharmacy, Erika has worked in many different patient care environments as a clinical pharmacist including: Correctional pharmacy, Long-term Care, and Inpatient pharmacy. Erika believes that access to good healthcare is a human right and that healthcare providers should be compassionate, skilled, and strong advocates for their patients.