Eric Carnell

Deputy Sheriff
El Paso County Sheriff's Office

I enlisted in the US Army in 1990 and began my selfless service to my country. After six years of active duty I transitioned into a career in law enforcement. After graduating from the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office Basic Law Enforcement Academy, I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice and began working in the Detention Bureau. Throughout my career I have been assigned to the Detention Security Division, Detention Operations Division (Intake Section) and Training Section. I was also a member of the Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team. I am very active in my community through my local church. As a Minister, I assist other churches and organizations meet the needs of people throughout the community. Whether I am providing inspiration, guidance, encouragement, hope or food, clothing and shelter, I remain committed to serving others. Regardless of our specific skills, talents, expertise, or passion, we are obligated to use these attributes and ensure that we consistently contribute to the success of our overall community. It is indeed our civic responsibility to leave our community in no worse condition than we inherited; preferably, we should leave it in a much better condition than we inherited.