Mekael Daniel

Colorado College Student
Colorado College

Mekael Daniel is a Junior Feminist and Gender Studies major, Chinese Language Minor at Colorado College. In addition to her continued involvement with the east Asian languages department, she also works tirelessly as an artist. She has been a choreographer for dance workshop; worked as a director and writer for a poetic play; and has performed with speakeasy, the college’s very own performance poetry troupe. Her artwork has been displayed in multiple student-run art shows, and she has won awards for it. Her leadership outside of the arts includes being on the sophomore and freshman planning committees and serving as a co-president of the Queer people of Color Collective as well as the Black Student Union. She is deeply invested in issues pertaining to domestic abuse prevention, LGBTQIA+ awareness, and income inequality; as these issues have all had a great impact on her life. Her post-college goals would be to pursue higher education and work as an interpreter in China, or to further deepen her involvement with the broader art world.

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