Dena Lerra

Incumbent Program Manager, Workforce Development/Human Resources
Partners HealthCare

Dena Lerra has a background in human resources and, currently, manages incumbent workforce development initiatives for Partners HealthCare; specifically focused on “technology as an enabler.” Dena manages workforce development grants, including the recent MA Health Care Workforce Transformation Training Grant, relationships with universities and training organizations, supports community and youth programs across the Partners HealthCare network, leads work-readiness workshops, and provides information and outreach to all member institutions. Partners Workforce Development is a collaborative effort between Human Resources and Community Health and is committed to ensuring a highly qualified and diverse pipeline of healthcare professionals while providing economic opportunity to the communities they serve. Dena has played a major role in developing curriculum, recruitment, training, coaching, and job placement and has guided completers of various Partners community and incumbent programs in their pursuit of higher education and growth in their careers. Dena works with individuals from diverse backgrounds and has a strong sense of successful program elements that support individuals who face barriers to employment. Dena started her career at Partners HealthCare in 2004 on the Brigham and Women’s Hospital staffing team, recruiting for administrative and clinical staff, and developing relationships with area university program leaders. Before joining Partners HealthCare, Dena worked as an Employment Administrator at WGBH, Educational Foundation (PBS) and in research at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in the Department of Research Psychiatry. Dena is a Certified Professional Resume Writer, has a BA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and an MS in Management.

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