Guy Halfteck

Founder & CEO

Guy Halfteck, founder & CEO of Knack grew up in Israel, where he served as a ship vice-commander in the Navy. He later studied law, economics, and game theory at the Hebrew University, Columbia, and Harvard. He started Knack after getting turned down for an early-career leadership program at a top New York hedge fund. That experience led Guy to look for a better way to showcase one’s talent than the traditional credentials, pedigree, and interviews. Going back to his notes from a game theory class he took at Harvard, he realized that they held the key to solving this problem. Building on these insights, Guy brought together a team that included people from game design, computer graphics, psychology and computational neuroscience, software engineering, and machine learning to develop a technology that uncovers people’s hidden talents and matches them with the right education and job opportunities—all through mobile games.