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Chris Sinclair

Executive Director - External Affairs
FLIP National

Chris Sinclair is a recent graduate of the School of General Studies at Columbia University, earning a BA in Political Science with a minor in Business Management. Chris is a founding member of FLIP at Columbia, served as its first GS Representative, was a co-chair of FLIP at Columbia’s Food Insecurity Committee, and played an integral role in the launch & success of several initiatives such as CU Meal Share, CU Food Bank, Share Meals & the Textbook Lending Library. Having fought banks & mortgage companies on behalf of struggling homeowners facing foreclosure as a paralegal for almost a decade prior to returning to school, Chris is excited to continue his advocacy work with FLIP National and do his part to advance the cause of providing equal & equitable opportunity for first-generation and/or low-income students. He is passionate about the movement to create, develop & implement resources, working with colleges & universities across the country to advocate for policy change at institutions of higher learning, and creating space and building community for first-generation and/or low-income students as a means of maximizing their chances to succeed in changing their circumstances for the better and leaving their mark on the world.

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