Sam Ortega

Manager, Partnerships Office
NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Sam Ortega currently serves as the acting manager of the Marshall’s Science and Technology Partnerships and Formulation Office. which oversees Marshall’s Space Act Agreement process and enacts NASA strategies for new partnerships and joint opportunities. A graduate of Texas A&M University Civil Engineering Department Sam has worked for NASA for 31 years. He has had the opportunity to train astronauts in the operations of microgravity experiments, fly on NASA's microgravity simulator the "Vomit Comet", work with space scientists from Italy, Belgium and the Ukraine, manage the performance of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Motors and offer millions of dollars in prize money to stimulate innovation in technologies of interest to NASA and the Nation. He currently is fostering partnerships with NASA providing access to the many unique resources and capabilities NASA has. Sam currently lives in Huntsville, AL and works at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center.

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