Studio Simović

Marija Simović is a practicing architect from Kragujevac, Serbia. She got bachelor and master degree on Department of architecture and urbanism on Faculty of Technical Science, University of Novi Sad, Serbia. From 2008-2011 she was a part of architectural student group RestART (Novi Sad, Serbia) as one of the founders and members. With RestART she participated in organization of one regional and one international architectural manifestation and also in developing and producing experimental art installations. In year 2009 as a part of ResART got commendation within category of television shows, exibitions and multimedia presentations Ranko Radović 2009 Award. From year 2011 works and creates together with architect Petar Simović and together they established Studio Simović in year 2014. From year 2016 she joins as a partner to ARIS Ltd. Studio Simović continues to exists as an architectural platform for developing new architectural ideas and as a continuous support for the architectural projects of ARIS Ltd. In year 2017 together with Petar Simović, as authors, have won several national and international awards for N1 Housing and N8 Hosing (Kragujevac, Serbia) like Award within category Architecture of 39th Salon of Architecture (Belgrade, Serbia), Ranko Radović 2017 Award, MicroMacro Design Award of Fifth International Multimedia Event “On Architecture” STRAND. Awards: 1. Award within category Architecture for N1 Housing of 39th Salon of Architecture (Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade, 2017) 2. Ranko Radovic Award 2017 for realized work – N1 Housing (ULUPUDS – Association of Applied Arts, Artists and Designers of Serbia, Belgrade, 2017) 3. MicroMacro Design Award for N1 and N8 Housing, Fifth International Multimedia Event “On Architecture” (STRAND – Sustainable Urban Society Association, Belgrade, 2017) 4. Second award within category Built Work for N1 and N8 Housing, Second Balkan Architectural Biennale (Balkan Architecture Biennale, Belgrade, 2017) 5. Commendation for N1 and N8 Housing, Women’s architectural Society, (Žensko arhitektonsko društvo, Belgrade, Serbia, 2018)

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