Biographical information: Dijana M. Adžemović-Andjelković phd, architect, was born on 08 June 1981. Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade registered in 2000. In 2006, completed a five-year study. 2008 registered PhD studies at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Belgrade, basic research areas of Architecture and Urbanism. Doctoral thesise was „The symbolism of architectural expression in the memorial architecture in Serbia“. Since 2006 she has been working as a leading architect designer. She created a research corner called "a2arhitektura "with Vladimir Andjelkovic, architect. She is the author of several award-winning project designs, and winner of numerous awards and recognitions for architecture, industrial design and graphic design. Actively participate in the development of architectural and design competitions. Social awards and prizes: 2017. Balkan Architectural Biennale, 3rd award for Extension for primary school Svetozar Marković in Belgrade; 2016. Fourth International Exibition: On Architecture scale of desing, from micro to macro, Recognition in the category Product design and furniture design; 2013. Award “Aleksandar Šaletić” in the category for young authors for interior library / multipurpose hall and cafe JP Official Gazette of Belgrade. (Author with Vladimir Andjelkovic architect., Aleksandar Bogojevic architect., Ranko Pavlovic architect.) 2013. Mikser Festival Award 2013 - "The Ghost Project" the prototype table "Creathing desk" in the category: new functionality. (Author with Vladimir Andjelkovic architect.) 2013. The Museum of the History of Yugoslavia "Good Design" for his contribution to design in the category of Innovation for the prototype table Creathing desk. (Author with Vladimir Andjelkovic architect.) 2011. Special recognition International architectural competition "Venice CityVision" (Author with Dijana Adzemovic- Andjelkovic architect., Aleksandar Bogojevic architect., Ranko Pavlovic architect.) 2010. Recognition in the category of interior 32nd Salon of Architecture in Belgrade for the implemented project auditorium "Svetozar Markovic", street Hadži Milentijeva No.62 in Belgrade. (Author with Vladimir Andjelkovic architect., Ranko Pavlovic architect., Dejan Danilovic architect.) 2006. First prize International competition for preliminary urban planning - architectural design of remodeling and revitalization of the Kastel fortress in Banja Luka. (Author with Zorica Savičić architect., Prof. Dr. Dragana Vasiljevic Tomic architect. Vladimir Andjelkovic architect., Marko Dimitrijevic abs .arh, Marija Pavlovic, architect, Bojan Tešić aps.arh).