Angie Boakes

Manager, Electric Mobility

Angie Boakes, General Manager, Electric Mobility within Shell’s New Energies business is responsible for the development and delivery of initiatives which arise from the increasing shift to electrification in transport. Angie has been involved in the world of Electric Mobility since 2013 – perhaps a surprise to some for an oil and gas company – where she led 3 cutting edge R&D trials across California and Europe exploring how electric vehicles can be used as an asset to the grid. More recently, Angie led the acquisition of NewMotion, the leading EV charging services provider in Europe, with the result that Shell now has an additional 30k ‘re-energising’ points to its 43k retail stations! The addition of fast chargers on selected Shell forecourts and joining up with IONITY means that Shell can offer the EV driver a proposition no matter where they want to charge their vehicle. Angie’s prior 10 years with Shell have been focused on Shell’s global Retail business in addition to roles within the Group’s M&A centre of excellence.