Richard Oduro

PhD Researcher
Centre for Environment and Sustainability, University of Surrey

Richard holds a BSc in Natural Resources Management from KNUST, Ghana, and an MSc in International Finance from University of Salford, UK. He also has an MSc and a PhD in Energy Economics & Policy from the University of Surrey. His interest includes energy efficiency modelling, energy demand modelling, energy risk modelling, energy regulation & policy, energy finance, community energy, renewable energy technologies and business models. He has recently completed a collaborative PhD studies with Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES) and Surrey Energy Economics Centre (SEEC) on the Economics of West African Electricity Distribution Sector where he modelled the stochastic cost efficiencies of Electricity Distribution Companies as well as investigated the drivers of inefficiencies from both a technical and a political economy perspectives. Richard also holds an associate researcher post with A.A. Emery and Enercom Africa where he analyses energy policy, energy regulation, energy financing options, efficiency financing schemes and energy business models in African countries. Prior to his doctoral education Richard worked for Bank of Africa Ghana Limited as a Corporate Business Development Manager and Credit Risk Analyst in charge of upstream and downstream oil & gas, power, energy project finance and trade finance.