Dr Christoph Mazur

Research Fellow
Imperial College

I am a Research Fellow at the Imperial College London, and am working on a project called Smart Sustainable Districts (by Climate-KIC) where I focus on the integration of different work streams in transport, energy, waste and well-being to improve city district. Leading collaborative urban projects to tackle sustainability and climate change related issues through the diffusion of novel energy, water, mobility technologies, the application of novel business models, or creation of urban plans. My further research focuses on the transition of and innovation in the field of energy. I have a Multi-disciplinary background in industry (Daimler), policy (UK Parliament) and academia (Imperial), with knowledge in Smart Technologies, Energy, System Innovation and Transitions, and Novell Business Models. I have finished a PhD with the Grantham Institute and Climate-KIC PhD-student based in the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) and Earth Science and Engineering Department (ESE).