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Yael Katz

Vice Provost, Academic
Sheridan College

Dr. Yael Katz currently serves as Vice-Provost, Academic at Sheridan College, having also served as Dean, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences and Director, Institute for Creativity and Creative Campus. Yael completed her Ph.D. in English at the University of British Columbia, where her research focused on discourse analysis, narrative studies, and representations of madness in literary, clinical and social contexts. As an advocate of Sheridan’s commitment to creativity and the Creative Campus, she has led curriculum development and engagement initiatives in the areas of creative thinking and creative problem solving, and is interested in cross-disciplinary approaches to creativity as a concept, mode of practice and emerging area of study, research and thought. She has written, presented and facilitated workshops on creativity and innovation in the context of 21st-century postsecondary education.

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