Willem Clarke


I’ve worked as engineer, product manager, academic, and entrepreneur. As entrepreneur, I have started several companies (private school, consultancy, tech startups, TV production company, training and commercialisation company). Some are still going, some were successful, and some failed. My last company was Resolution Circle - an intern training and tech commercialisation company. This was started with R200m capital, and went on to employ 140 professionals and +- 300 engineering interns per year. We commercialised startup products - 186 over a 4-year period. I have experience in Intellectual Property, tech/hardware commercialisation, fund raising, executing on large project. My passion is student entrepreneurs. The last year I have spent most of my time visiting and working with student entrepreneurs across most universities in SA. I specialise in helping them to reconfigure their business models to be scalable and start with little or no capital. I am also fascinated and driven by finding African models of entrepreneurship - a different thing from those of the Global North.