Shannon Rose Farrell-Jackson

Founder & Principal
Shannon Rose Consulting LLC

Shannon Rose is an insatiably curious and positive force in this world. She started her professional career at a small tech company where she quickly realized her knack for technology and holistic business solutions. Her drive to know global business strategies became apparent when she found the localization industry and realized that business was a global platform for meaningful change. She found that her skill-set naturally gravitated towards highly regulated industries such as life science, healthcare and the medical technology industries, which were prime for change and efficiencies. Shannon Rose was able to then build, support and motivate global teams of high-performers through emotional intelligence and impacting corporate cultures. She continually gave her sphere of influence the opportunity to make this world a better place through their work. Shannon Rose has since founded Shannon Rose Consulting which focusses on helping companies engage their employees, leadership and customers globally through emotionally intelligent change leadership and corporate culture impact. Shannon Rose, loves being outdoors with her family and building strength and confidence through Mixed Martial Arts. She is a life-long learner and believes in unconditional giving and service first. The two quotes that she lives by are: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi "Choose love, and don't ever let fear turn you against your playful heart." ~Jim Carrey