ISSS International Society for Seed Science Conference 2017



Gwyneth Ingram

Research Director
University of Lyon, France

Gwyneth Ingram obtained her bachelors degree in Plant Sciences from the University of Cambridge (UK), before moving to the Coen lab at the John Innes Centre in Norwich (UK) where she studied flower development in Antirrhinum, obtaining her PhD in 1996. She became interested in plant embryogenesis during a post-doc (1996-1999) in the Plant Reproduction and Development Laboratory (RDP) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France), before moving to the Institute for Molecular Plant Sciences at the University of Edinburgh (UK) in to start her own group as a research fellow, becoming a lecturer in 2007. In 2010 she rejoined the RDP (Lyon, France) and is now a CNRS Research Director, leading the Seed Development group. Her work is focused on understanding how the genetically distinct compartments that make up the seed communicate to co-ordinate their development. In this context she studies peptide-mediated signalling between the developing embryo and endosperm and, in collaboration with biophysicists and modellers, she has initiated work aimed at understanding how physical interactions between the embryo, endosperm and maternal tissues condition early seed development.