ISSS International Society for Seed Science Conference 2017



Luis Lopez-Molina

University of Geneva

Luis Lopez-Molina received his Masters degree in theoretical physics and PhD in molecular biology from the University of Geneva. His doctorate studies, under the supervision of Prof Ueli Schibler, focused on the physiological role of the transcription factor DBP in the circadian rhythms of mice. He performed his postdoctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof Nam-Hai Chua at the Rockefeller University (New York, USA). As part of his postdoctoral work, he identified the transcription factor ABI5 in Arabidopsis thalianaand characterised its role in the control of Arabidopsis seed germination as a target of abscisic acid signaling. He was awarded in 2004 a Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship in the Department of Botany and Plant Biology of the University of Geneva, where he was appointed Associate Professor in 2012. At the University of Geneva he has continued to study different aspects of how seed germination is controlled in Arabidopsis. In this context, he has become increasingly interested in the role of the endosperm as a tissue playing a central role to control seed germination and early Arabidopsis seedling development.

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