Tom Kaplan

Teachers College Columbia University, I AM Adoptee

Thomas Kaplan, aka Lee, Sung Joo, is a transracial and Korean-born adoptee who was adopted at age six. Thomas has been an active member of the Korean Adoptee community since 1998. He was one of the original founding board members Of Also-Known-As and Co-Founder of The Also-Known-As team mentorship program. Also-Known-As is an organization founded by adoptees for adoptees who have provided services to the adoptee community for the past 22 years. Also-Known-As' Team Mentorship program is the longest active program in the country specifically for adoptees. Thomas is the co-founder of I AM Adoptee, a not for profit organization that provide an online adoptee connection, community, and resources for adoptees. The mission is to connect adoptees, locally, nationally, and globally. The vision of I AM Adoptee comes from the singular vision that the international adopted person is the heart of the international overseas adoption story. I AM Adoptee seeks to provide a platform to find others like ourselves, to make connections and to share the many ways we can help each other. There have been over a million people who have been adopted worldwide. I AM Adoptee wants to connect each adoptee that has been impacted by adoption! Thomas is also a current board member of Connect-A-Kid, a team mentoring Not For Profit organization. He has been in reunion with his paternal birth family since 2000. Thomas' professional career is a Risk Manager at Teachers College Columbia University.