Joseph Juhn

Joseph Juhn is a New York-based documentary filmmaker. Prior to becoming a full-time storyteller, Joseph was an Intellectual Property Consultant and attorney at New York KOTRA (Korean government agency), where he assisted SMEs & early-stage startups' business ventures in the US. A serendipitous backpacking trip to Cuba in 2015 changed Joseph’s life as he ran into a Korean descendent there by accident. Profoundly moved by the stories of Korean-Cubans, Joseph is now producing and directing a feature length documentary, titled, "Jeronimo". It was after learning about the 1992 LA Riots in college Joseph became passionate about causes pertinent to the Korean-American community, which resulted in him organizing the Korean-American Students Conference (KASCON) at UC San Diego in 2007. Subsequently, a series of experiences exposed Joseph to the notion of Korean diaspora, hence his belief that encountering the Korean-Cuban was predestined. Aside from filmmaking, Joseph serves on the steering committee of KSE, a non-profit with an aim to empower Korean entrepreneurs in New York. Joseph studied Visual Arts & Film at the University of California, San Diego, and earned a JD at the Syracuse University College of Law.