Jeff Beck

East Side Mags

After working in the Technology/Audio/Visual sector of the hospitality industry for over a decade, Jeff decided to open East Side Mags - a comic book/collectible/pop-culture novelty shop - in Montclair NJ. Having spent his post-college career managing multi-million dollar operations with the support and guidance of excellent mentors, Jeff realized the management skills he acquired were easily scaled down for a smaller enterprise. This realization coupled with Jeff's love for comics, pop-culture, and arts led him to make the decision to go for his dreams and open a retail shop that specializes in a "for all" approach both in management style and sales approach. The store is infused with Jeff's dedication and passion for finding success doing something he loves. East Side Mags doesn't cater to just one type of person, it is a place where everyone is welcome, anyone can find something new or interesting and, above all, everyone can have a great time!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/J3ffB3ck
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