Joseph Davis

Tone Fitness

Joseph Davis, Jr. is a deeply committed husband, focused dad, fitness center owner/operator, and community leader. A graduate of Rutgers University, he is a twenty five-year expert in pharmaceutical sales, certified personal trainer, and long-standing mentor to adolescent young men. Most recently he started Balanced Solutions Consulting which is designed to provide leadership and development for elementary, middle and high school students in grades 4 through 12. Joe who is no stranger to volunteering and mentoring has coached Kinderkicker’s soccer, T-ball, softball, baseball, football, and is a strong advocate for developing youth into responsible citizens. He served as Program Director of Brother to Brother mentoring a nonprofit organization for nine years and most recently became the Executive Director. Joe maintains a deep commitment to improving the lives of teenage boys who can use a positive helping hand to become productive citizens. Through his efforts, along with the mentors and volunteers, Joe has proven his ability to maintain a high-level of student attendance and retention, drive better mentor performance, and boost program improvement through quality initiatives. Joe has increased Brother to Brother’s community support, developed key coalitions, and has built local relationships with a shared sense of purpose. Over the past nine years, Joe has tripled the amount of student participation by increasing the amount of fun and educational activities; quadrupled the program’s fundraising goals, increased active student involvement in community events such as helping locals clean up after Hurricane Sandy, and increased family involvement in shaping and maintaining the program’s mission. Joe has also increased Brother to Brother’s emphasis toward uncomfortable topics such as bullying, diversity, the dramatic uptick in more dangerous forms of teenage drug and alcohol use, conflict resolution, violence against females, cultural sensitivity, and direct perils to their lives by making sometimes unwise and unhealthy life choices. Joe and his wife Donna have three children, Justin, Danielle, and Deja and a granddaughter Tyler. Despite juggling multiple commitments, family demands, and responsibilities, Joe’s passion for the Brother to Brother program is a source of strength for the organization, and his desire to "empower young men" has brought about important advancements to the teenagers he serves.

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