Leia Fletes

District Director
Office of Assembly Member Blaca E. Rubio

Selected by Assemblymember Blanca Rubio Leia Fletes helps effect change for thousands in the San Gabriel Valley, and inspires other Latina women who see her as an example of how to successfully navigate social and cultural hardships. Leia can often be found garnering support for important public policies, or paving the way for Assemblywoman Blanca Rubio to connect with constituents. Her job, though deeply satisfying, feels more to her like a privilege than a cause for commendation. Today, she dedicates herself to discovering and discerning people’s struggles so she can help implement programs and acquire resources to assist them. She focuses especially on children, understanding that reaching them means reaching the whole family. Leia works with programs that teach kids important life skills like financial literacy in an effort to break the cycle of poverty. Leia’s down-to-earth leadership emanates from a life immersed in challenges and triumphs. As a single mother 20 years ago, Leia struggled to make ends meet while putting herself through college. Leia credits her parents, who modeled strength and courage, as well as her husband and son, who provide unconditional love and support as she works with passion and persistence to help others learn from her adversities and achievements.