Dan McFadyen

Managing Director

Across the past 19 years, 3 passions have driven Dan: shaping collaborative teams, evolving services businesses, and enabling innovation in education. These passions fueled varied roles from the original Australian start-up that developed the award-winning openEQUELLA digital repository software to global educational powerhouses Blackboard and Pearson; from small teams to leading a team of 65 delivering an annual product and service portfolio of $55 million. Dan is the Managing Director of Edalex, an edtech technology and services company. Our primary focus is developing and supporting the openEQUELLA repository as the leading contributor to the platform, as well as our value-added EdalexCloud hosting and Edalex Content Services extensions enabling "Clever Content in the Cloud." On a personal level, as a dual American-Australian citizen, Dan struggles daily with the conflict between raising his two children on peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, or vegemite.

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