Costas Bekas

AI Research Coordinator / Distinguished Research Staff Member
IBM Research

Costas Bekas, Distinguished Research Staff Member and Mgr. Foundations of Cognitive Systems IBM Research - Zurich, is responsible for foundational research in the fields of Scalable AI systems and new computing paradigms. Costas focuses on the use of AI for the advancement of Technical R&D, which combines knowledge extraction and representation, AI based modelling of physical systems with large scale numerical simulations to accelerate scientific discovery. Costas studied with Prof. E. Gallopoulos in Patras (1998-2003, PhD) and with Prof. Y. Saad in Minneapolis (2003-2005). He joined IBM in 2005. Costas is a recipient of several best paper awards as well as the PRACE AWARD (2012) and the ACM Gordon Bell Prize (2013, 20015).

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