Terry Kibbe

Free the People

Terry is one half of "Matt and Terry Kibbe," self-described as "America's most badass libertarian power couple." Matt is Chief Community Organizer and Terry is Chief Executive Officer at Free the People, an educational foundation using  pop-culture and video story telling to turn on the liberty-curious. They also started and ran AlternativePAC, which supported Gary Johnson for President in 2016. AltPAC’s “Dead Abe Lincoln” ad is the most viral political ad in the history of the Universe. Matt is a senior editor at CRTV and in 2004 he founded FreedomWorks, where he served as President for 11 years. Terry has worked as a fundraiser for various organizations such as FreedomWorks, Cato and The Competitive Enterprise Institute. She was Chairwoman of the Board of Advisors of the Rising Tide Foundation based in Switzerland. She also serves on the Board of Directors of the Friends of The Austrian Economic Center. They met at Grove City College about a million years ago where Matt majored in economics and Terry in Engineering.

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