JJ van Altena

Global Supplies

JJ van Altena is the owner of Bdumbi Too Game Ranch and the director of the well-known service provider for the wildlife industry, Global Supplies. JJ is also the Implementation Specialist for Elephant Immunocontraception Projects with Humane Society International/Africa. After completing his National Diploma in Nature Conservation in 1995, JJ spent seven years in the Kruger National Park (KNP) where he was involved with various ranger duties, veld management, game capture, elephant contraception research and implementation. During this time, he gained extensive experience in all aspects of various wildlife relocation projects – from ground hornbill to elephant. JJ assisted in the aerial tracking of various collared animals within the KNP as part of on-going research projects. After leaving the park, JJ continued with relocation efforts – including relocating the majority of elephant that now occur on private reserves – and established Global Supplies in 2001. Global Supplies was the result of several organizations requesting his expert advice on practical and specialized applications within the wildlife arena. With JJ’s expertise and contacts in the wildlife network, Global Supplies has been at the cutting edge of delivering top quality products and services to the wildlife industry. For the past 21 years JJ has been building relationships with various role players in the local as well as international conservation community through consultancy, wildlife relocation projects and service provision to Government, NGO’s, private and academic institutions throughout Africa. JJ loves and enjoys what he does and is driven by his passion and his desire to make a difference. In managing his ranch and the numerous game breeding herds, JJ has an extensive knowledge and expertise in the diverse field of wildlife management.

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