Kayla Grams

Senior Biologist
The Science and Conservation Center

Kayla received her B.A. in Biology at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa in 1986. She has worked in Zoos for 12 years and volunteered her time with conservation groups in Madagascar and with Cheetahs in Namibia. Always having an interest in animal behavior and research she worked on a Bighorn sheep survivability project where she supervised field activities. Upon completion of this project in 2002, she began her work with Wild horses. She has extensive field experience overseeing many of these projects and has worked with various government agencies non-profit organizations, and sanctuaries. Her field experience includes working with tractable to elusive herds studying behavior, monitoring populations, and administering PZP immunocontraception. She has also worked and managed field activities on Urban deer projects out east. Kayla joined The Science and Conservation Center in 2017 as Senior Biologist where she oversees the training program, helps produce the PZP, amongst other projects within the organization. She also works with ZooMontana to educate on capture immobilization and to administer immobilization medicines for animal physicals. She has also traveled to various locations within the U.S. and other countries to train and guide individuals in the field and educate those on PZP immunocontraception. She has given talks at professional meetings and has co-authored several scientific papers.

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