Andrea Maki

Founder + President
Wild Love Preserve

Our iconic wild mustangs symbolize pure Americana, unbridled freedom, power, determination, and the wild west. For Wild Love Preserve, they have also offered us a unique opportunity to come together in a new light and bridge divides between stakeholders previously locked in opposition. Founded in 2010, by contemporary visual artist and photographer, Andrea Maki, kindness, mutual respect, accountability, science, and education drive Wild Love’s mission to protect and preserve western wild horses in their native habitats and nurture the legacy of respective indigenous ecosystems as an interconnected whole by working together. Rooted in central Idaho, Wild Love Preserve engages public and private lands to address all facets of regional wild horse conservation on home turf, and works with the Idaho BLM, ranchers, environmentalists, wildlife biologists, wild horse advocates, youth employment groups and regional communities. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Wild Love Preserve is a legacy project that incorporates our inclusive wild horse conservation programs, conflict resolution, education platform, comprehensive range health, and the creation of a wildlife preserve in the heart of Idaho's wild horse country to serve as permanent home to Wild Love's current 136 Challis-Idaho wild horses, and future wild horses removed from public lands in Idaho that are not otherwise adopted. By design, our conservation efforts have turned Challis-Idaho wild horses into an asset for the community, region, and state.

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