Norman Faull

The progress made with a Lean Implementation within the public healthcare sector with examples from a South African Context - POMS
Workshop 2: Front-line improvement via the Kata

Norman Faull, Emeritus Professor of Operations Management, Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town. In his academic career he conducted research and taught Operations Management, Operations Strategy, Supply Chain Management and Operations Strategy Implementation locally and internationally. He continues to supervise research by students of the Graduate School of Business. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Lean Institute Africa (LIA), a not-for-profit company and member of the Lean Global Network. LIA promotes the effective use of lean in improving competitiveness and service delivery across many industries. Through LIA he offers conferences and workshops in the lean methodology and conducts applications of lean in areas in which it has not traditionally been applied. A key emphasis over the past decade has been in applying lean in public sector healthcare. Furthermore he has been involved in supplier development for large state-owned entities and he has worked with financial institutions and their IT divisions. His current research is on implementing lean in large-scale systems. He holds the following formal qualifications: BSc BEng (Aeronautical) Stellenbosch University MSc (Air Transport Engineering) Cranfield University UK MBA PhD University of Cape Town.

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