Karen Livey

Workshop 7: Building Personal Resilience

Karen Livey, MBA, Co-founder and Director of Global Institute of Training and Presenting. Karen Livey loves to see the aha moments for her participants and how they build on these new ideas and explore their opportunities. Her focus is on encouraging leaders to become top 1% performers creating environments of high performance and productivity. Karen is sometimes referred to as the Sassy Lady for her ability to engage with individuals in a lively and bold way to bring out the best in people. She is known for her practical, street-smart style creating a fusion of real-life stories and conversational techniques that connect with her audience at an individual level. Karen has thrilled her audience through learning how brain science can help them work smarter. She incorporates this cutting-edge knowledge and blends it to formulate simple and practical ways to use it in the workplace. Karen has sat on various National Boards (apicsAU) and has been recognised for Outstanding Leadership from the International Women's Leadership Association, as well as being a member of Stanford Who's Who.