Alan Jansen Van-Vuuren

Workshop 9 - DDBrix - Experience Demand Driven Materials Requirements Planning (DDMRP) with this hands-on LEGO bricks assembly workshop!
Panel - From the horse’s mouth – Is Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP) really as effective and easy to understand as they say it is? A practitioners view of implementation

Alan Jansen van Vuuren, CEO, B2Wise. Alan started his career in 2009 in the supply chain consulting space working in a range of industries. In 2013, with the intent of gaining additional international logistics exposure, he joined a clearing and forwarding business with a focus on international supply chain solutions. After spending four years assisting clients with improvements in their local and international supply chains Alan’s focus shifted to supply chain planning and more specifically Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (DDMRP). Alan is DDPP and DDLP certified, a Demand Driven Institute trainer for DDP and DDBrix and has presented guest lectures’ at multiple universities. Going forward as the head of B2Wise South Africa Alan’s aim is to assist companies to resolve the complex challenges that supply chain planning faces in the “new normal” world by driving demand driven methodologies that enable supply chains to become more agile and responsive in this ever-changing environment.