Laurence Hurley


Professor Laurence Hurley is the Howard Schaeffer Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Arizona and the Director of BIO5’s Drug Discovery Program. He is the leading authority in the identification of small molecule therapeutic agents working through DNA quadruplexes, unique four-stranded DNA structures that control gene expression. A prolific author and inventor, Hurley has published 270 peer-reviewed articles and 25 issued patents or patent applications. He has placed two novel cancer medicines into human clinical trials, founded three biotech companies (Cylene, Tetragene, and Reglagene), and provided the technology for a fourth company (Horizon Biotechnologies). Since his arrival at University of Arizona in 2000, he has trained more than 40 graduate and post-doctoral students. In his words, Professor Hurley’s most recent discoveries are “the best science I’ve ever done”. Professor Hurley is AZBio’s 2017 Arizona Biosciences Researcher of the Year. He is passionate about the translation of his work into therapies that save patients’ lives. Consequently, he will join Reglagene full time in July 2018. Professor Hurley earned a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from Purdue University.

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