Allan Abela

EPC Power Corporation

Mr. Abela CCO is one of the co-founders of EPC Power and has over 15 years in the power electronics industry. Prior to co-founding EPC, Mr. Abela served in the US NAVY, first studying in the nuclear field and later specializing in aircraft launch and recovery systems. After serving in the NAVY, Mr. Abela graduated from Old Dominion University with a Masters in engineering management and Bachelors in electrical engineering technology. Mr. Abela was a key team member for both the next generation Catapult and Arresting Gear for the Ford class carriers. Mr. Abela was responsible for the successful full scale system testing of the multi-megawatt power electronics systems. EPC Power has doubled sales each of the last two years and is positioned for accelerated growth going forward. Mr. Abela manages customer relationships from acquisition through product or service delivery, ensuring that all functions of the organization are aligned to meet the strategic and commercial objectives of EPC Power.

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