Steve Poizner

Technology Entrepreneur
Alliance for Southern California Innovation

Steve Poizner has launched, grown, and sold three tech companies; managed a portfolio of a dozen start-ups as an SVP for Qualcomm; worked at the highest levels in state and federal government; and volunteered for a year as a public high school teacher. A few of his key accomplishments: ► Transformed the mobile phone market by inventing a way to integrate GPS into handsets, saving tens of thousands of lives and enabling a new multi-billion dollar location-based services sector; ► Helped develop a post-9/11 Cybersecurity plan for the National Security Council while working as a White House Fellow; ► Overhauled California’s Department of Insurance as the elected CA Insurance Commissioner, resulting in multi-billion dollars in cost savings for consumers. Mr. Poizner was inducted into the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame in 2014. He is now the Chair and CEO of the Alliance for California Innovation, a non-profit focused on building a world class tech hub in SoCal.

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