Dave Smith

The Winning Mind LLC

Dave “JD Buck Savage” Smith has been an international police icon for nearly four decades, and he has combined forces with the two most recognized women leaders in law enforcement training, Sergeants Betsy Brantner Smith and Nancy Dowdy, to bring a unique training experience to IAWP 2019. Having traveled to all 50 United States as well as Canada, Mexico, Germany, the Balkans, the United Arab Emirates and more, the Dave Smith & Associates staff brings unparalleled experience, integrity, and commitment to the ever-changing world of policing and beyond. Training topics will include officer safety for both armed and unarmed personnel, off duty survival tactics and considerations, mental toughness on and off the job, real-world community policing, helping police families thrive, animal abuse investigation, organizing search and rescue efforts, tac med/self aid, fitness and nutrition for “real” women, organization and individual leadership, officer/dispatcher relations, the truth about gender differences, Post Traumatic Growth after a deadly force encounter, successful police parenting, making yourself “promotable,” training for the Risk Thermostat, and so much more.