Conferencistas del Evento


Alexis Mojica

Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá

Education: B. A. (1997) Physics, University of Panama; M.Sc. (1999) University of Paris 6-Pierre and Marie Curie, France and Ph.D. (2007) Applied Geophysics, University of Paris 6-Pierre et Marie Curie, France (advisor: Nicolas Florsch). Professional Experience. Assistant Professor, University of Panama (2000-2007) and Physics professor, Santa María La Antigua University (2000-2004). Active participation in geophysical surveys developed in France (Barcelonette, Bourgogne and Mouthier-Sur-Boëme, 1997; Naizin, 1999; Cravant-Vincelles, 2001; Quimper, 2002; Sainte Marie-aux-Mines, 2006) and Central America (Copán, Honduras 2000-2001; Old Panama, Panama 2000-2009; El Baúl, Guatemala 2003; Cara Sucia, El Salvador 2004; La Joyanca, Guatemala 2004; Nombre de Dios, Panamá 2007-2008; Colon Island, Panamá 2007-2009; Gamboa, Panamá 2009; Agua Salud, Panama 2009 and Pedro González Island, Panama 2010). Research Interests: Mojica conducts research in applied geophysics to precolumbian and colonial archaeology in Panama, and fractal analysis of landforms (coastlines and watershed). Recent research focused on hydrogeophysics (electrical resistivity tomography and time – lapse analysis) and mapping studies of electrical conductivity applied to agriculture. Academic activities: Job advisor's degree (applied geophysics to archaeology and hydrogeology, and fractal analysis of landforms). He is a member of the National System of Researchers of Senacyt, SNI – Panama (Febrary 2010 - present).