Conferencistas del Evento


Regiane Cristina Oliveira de Freitas Bueno Bueno

UNESP - Universidade Estadual Paulista "Júlio de Mesquita Filho"

She has a degree in Agronomic Engineering from the Espírito Santo University of (2003), MSc in Agronomy - Agricultural Entomology from the São Paulo State University, UNESP (2005) and PhD in Sciences - Entomology from the University of São Paulo, School of Agriculture " Luiz de Queiroz " (ESALQ / USP) (2008). She is currently Assistant Professor of the São Paulo State University (UNESP), Campus of Botucatu (FCA / UNESP), Department of Crop Protection. She has experience in the area of Agronomy, with emphasis on Integrated pest management (IPM), working mainly on the following topics: Biological control, Chemical control, Integration of control tactics in agricultural pest , among other related areas.

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