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Orlando Auciello

UTD: Distinguished Endowed Chair Professor, OBI: CEO
University of Texas at Dallas (UTD), Materials Scieince and Engineeering and Bioengineering, and Original Biomedical Implants (OBI-USA and OBI-México)

O. Auciello graduated with honors with M.S. (1973) and Ph.D (1976) degrees in Physics from the Physics Institute “Dr. Balseiro” (Universidad Nacional de Cuyo-Argentina). EE-University of Córdoba-Argentina (1970). Postdoct-McMaster University, Hamilton-Canada (1976-1979); Researcher-University of Toronto-Canada (1979-1984), Associate Professor-NCSU-USA (1985-1988), Distinguished Scientist-Microelectronic Center of North Carolina (MCNC)-USA (1988-1996), Distinguished Argonne Fellow (1996-2012)-Argonne National Laboratory-USA. Currently, Auciello is Distinguished Endowed Chair Professor-University of Texas-Dallas, Departmens of Materials Science and Engineering and Bioengineering. O. Auciello is directing several basic and applied research programs on different fields, namely: 1) science and technology of multi-component oxide thin films and application to devices (ferroelectric memories, nanoscale CMOS devices, photovoltaic energy generation / storage devices, high-frequency devices, piezoelectric thin films for MEMS/NEMS devices (sensors and actuators); 2) science and technology of a novel ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) film technology, developed and patented at Argonne National Laboratory (ANL-1996-2012), and applications to multifunctional devices (RF MEMS/NEMS; electron field emission cathodes (for flat panel displays, mass spectrometers, X-ray sources); components with high tribological performance (UNCD-coated mechanical pump seals, gears and other components); electrodes for fuel cells, cathalisis, water purification, and for neural stimulation; implantable biomedical devices (artificial retina to restore sight to people blinded by retina degeneration/Large team funded by DOE-Office of ), coating for artificial heart valves, stents, dental implants, artificial joints (hips, knees); platform for developmental biology (cell growth and differentiation); biosensors. The UNCD film technology is commercialized by three companies co-founded by Auciello, namely: Advanced Diamond Technologies, Inc. co-founded by Auciello: (co-founder / equity holder / investor) and colleagues / 2003-present, profitable in 2014), commercializing UNCD-coated mechanical pump seals and bearings, and water purification systems , via electrolysis, with corrosion resistant B-doped electrically conductive coating protecting metal electrodes from water corrosion). • Original Biomedical Implants (OBI)-USA (2013-present) and OBI-México, 2016-present, both companies developing a new generation of medical devices and prostheses (e.g., dental, hips, and knees implants) with far superior performance than current metal implants, failing due to chemical attack by body fluids, which is eliminated by the extremely biocompatible/body fluids corrosion resistant UNCD coating.

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