Never-ending Problems of the Third World

1:00pm - 1:45pm
Room - Pacific

The British Empire was the largest in history. At the end of WW-II, Britain had to start pulling out. After the British, French, German, Belgians and other European colonial powers left, most of these newly “independent” countries suffered rapid decay in their institutions, stagnant economises, massive social strife, and a fall in standards of living. An age of anti-liberalism and tyranny descended on these ex-colonized countries. Except for an anomolous economic growth of the last two decades in the Third World, their institutions have continued to get worse. For the last few years, their economic growth is already stagnating.

Most of the world outside the West (and East Asia) is ridden with utter irrationalities, tribalism and superstitions. Without Europeans running the Third World, often with a heavy-hand, these countries must regress institutionally to their medieval past and their societies to Malthusian equilibrium, the way they existed before Europeans came.


Jayant Bhandari
Writer, Traveller