Adam Govers

Mr at University of Melbourne

Adam Piovarchy

The University Of Sydney

Adrian Walsh

Professor at University of New England, Australia

Alan Hájek

Philosophy Professor at Australian National University

Alisha Rajaratnam

Ms at The University of Melbourne

Alison Wylie

The University of British Columbia

Alison Wylie is Professor and Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of the Social and Behavioural Sciences at the University of British Columbia. She works on epistemic and ethical/political issues raised by archaeological practice and by feminist research in the social sciences. Recent publications include Material Evidence (2015) and Evidential Reasoning in Archaeology (2016), co-edited and co-authored with archaeologist Bob Chapman; journal articles on “What Knowers Know Well” (Scientiae Studia, 2017) and “How Archaeological Evidence Bites Back (STHV 2017); and contributions to collections such as the Springer Handbook of Model-based Science (2017), Objectivity in Science (2015), How Well do 'Facts' Travel? (2010), Agnotology (2008), The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation (2009) and Embedding Ethics (2005).

Amandine Catala

University Of Quebec At Montreal

Anandi Hattiangadi

Professor at Stockholm University

Anco Peeters

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

I’m a philosopher and cognitive scientist specialising in philosophy of mind and philosophy of technology. I focus on embodied & enactive cognition, memory, and artificial intelligence. In my recent research, I've looked at the study of memory through the use of virtual reality. Since December 2019, I have been a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. There I work in the research group “Constructing scenarios of the past: A new framework in episodic memory”, where I investigate how we may understand scenario construction in episodic memory.

Antonia Smyth

University of Melbourne

Antonios Kaldas

Fr at Macquarie University

Antony Eagle

University of Adelaide

Axel Constant

Mr. at University of Sydney

Ben Blumson

Associate Professor at National University of Singapore

Ben Henke

Washington University in St. Louis

Ben Phillips

Arizona State University

Bernard Brown

Dr (PhD candidate - philosophy) at Macquarie University

Bernardo Ainbinder

Research Fellow at University of Wollongong

Boris Kment

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Princeton University

Bruce Long

Dr at The University of Sydney

Bruno Ippedico

Mr at Australian National University

Bryce Huebner

Associate Professor at Georgetown University

Cameron Lutman

PhD Candidate at University of Wollongong

Carley Tonoli

PHD Candidate at University of Melbourne

Catherine Legg

Dr at Deakin University

Chad Stevenson

PhD graduate at University of Edinburgh

Ching Nam Chan

Mr. at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chris Lernpass

Mr at Australian National University

Christian Barry

Philosophy at Australian National University

Christian Kronsted

University Of Memphis

Christopher Boerdam

Mr at University of Queensland

Christopher Whyte

Mr at University of Sydney

Dan Marshall


Daniel McKay

University of Canterbury

Daniel Muñoz

Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill

David Killoren

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Australian Catholic University

Greetings! You've found my homepage. I'm David Killoren and I'm a philosopher. I teach at Northwestern University. Before coming to Northwestern, I was in a postdoctoral position at Coastal Carolina University, which is located just outside of Myrtle Beach, SC. I specialize in moral philosophy. My current work focuses on five main topics: moral realism; animal ethics; the ethics of charity; political ethics; and moral dilemmas (i.e., conflicts among moral obligations). Check my research page for further details.

David Ripley

Dr at Monash University

David Tan

Dr at Deakin University

Dominic Dimech

Teaching Assistant at University of Sydney

Donald Nordblom

Mr at Australian National University

Edouard Machery

University of Pittsburgh

Edouard Machery is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh, where he is also the Director of the Center for Philosophy of Science. He is a member of the Center for the Neural Basis of Cognition (University of Pittsburgh-Carnegie Mellon University), and an Adjunct Research Professor in the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan. His research focuses on the philosophical issues raised by psychology and cognitive neuroscience with a special interest in concepts, moral psychology, the relevance of evolutionary biology for understanding cognition, modularity, the nature, origins, and ethical significance of prejudiced cognition, the foundation of statistics, and the methods of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. He is also involved in the development of experimental philosophy, having published several noted articles in this field.

Efren Alverio II

PHD Candidate at La Trobe University Melbourne

Eliza Goddard

Executive Officer at Australasian Association of Philosophy

Elizabeth Harman

Princeton University

Elizabeth Harman is Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Philosophy and Human Values at Princeton University. Her publications include “Creation Ethics” (Philosophy and Public Affairs), “‘I’ll Be Glad I Did It’ Reasoning and the Significance of Future Desires” (Philosophical Perspectives), “The Irrelevance of Moral Uncertainty” (Oxford Studies in Metaethics), “Morally Permissible Moral Mistakes” (Ethics), and “Ethics is Hard! What Follows?” (forthcoming). She is co-editor of Norton Introduction to Philosophy, Second Edition (2018), and Norton Introduction to Ethics (2020).

Elka Sadler

Master of Arts - Philosophy at Monash University

Eran Asoulin

Dr at Independent scholar

Eyal Tal

Postdoctoral fellow at University of Cologne

Fiona Jenkins

Associate Professor in Philosophy at Australian National University

My recent research has a particular focus on equity issues facing women in academia, and on developing a critical perspective on meritocracy as a practice and theory. I hold an ARC Discovery Grant 2015-17 “Gendered Excellence in the Social Sciences” with colleagues Dr Helen Keane, Em Professor Marian Sawer and Dr Claire Donovan. In my philosophical work I have also been developing a theory of democracy that pays particular attention to ways of valuing life and to practices of violence and non-violence. Judith Butler and Jean-Luc Nancy are important influences in this project, and I have written a series of papers that will comprise a monograph titled “Sensate Democracy, How Bodies Matter in a Common World”. I aim to develop public understanding of gender issues and foster capacity to redress the wide range of disadvantages women continue to suffer. The role includes advocacy for gender equity at ANU; fostering research collaborations and internal/external networks for gender research at ANU; hosting seminars and public lectures; deciding and administering grants; and mentoring of junior female colleagues and students.

Fiona Macpherson

University of Glasgow

Fiona Macpherson is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Glasgow, where she is also Director of the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience. She was formerly Head of Department (2014 - 2017) and Director of Research in Philosophy (2011 - 2012 and 2014 - 2017). She studied at the University of Glasgow, the University of St Andrews and the University of Stirling. She has been a Kennedy Scholar at Harvard University and a Rosamund Chambers Research Fellow at Girton College, Cambridge. Macpherson has held (visiting) positions at the Australian National University, Umeå University and the Institute of Philosophy, University of London. She was a member of the governing council of the Arts and Humanities Research Council 2014-2018, and re-elected for a second term 2018 - 2021. She is a trustee of the Kennedy Memorial Trust, having been appointed by the British prime minister for a five-year term from 1 October 2014. Macpherson was president of the Scots Philosophical Association (2015-2016) and is currently president of the British Philosophical Association (2018-present). Macpherson's research interests include the nature of consciousness, perception, introspection, imagination and the metaphysics of mind.

Francesca Bunkenborg

Ms at Humboldt University Berlin

Gemma Lucy Smart

MSc Candidate, Lecturer and Tutor at University of Sydney

Georg Repnikov

Dr at University of Sydney

Glenda Satne

Senior Lecturer at University of Wollongong

Greg Restall

Prof at The University of Melbourne

Hannah Tierney

Lecturer at University of Sydney

Harits Hasra

Contested Social Meaning at Monash University

Heather Dyke

Dr at University of Otago

Hiroshi Ohata

Ph.D. student at Osaka City University

Holly Lawford-Smith

Dr at University of Melbourne

Hugh Breakey

Senior Research Fellow at Griffith University

Inês Hipólito

PhD Candidate at University of Wollongong

Ines Hipolito is a PhD candidate of Philosophy of Mind and Cognition at the University of Wollongong (Australia). Hipolito’s main research interests fall under the contemporary trends of E – cognitive science. Hipolito’s main focus areas are predictive processing, cognitive penetrability and non-reductive metaphysics of cognitive processes. I am also interested mathematics as a study case of an embodied practice of cognition.

Ishani Maitra

Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Michigan

James Franklin

Professor at University of New South Wales, Sydney

James Willoughby

Phd Candidate at Australian National University

Jane McDonnell

Dr at Monash University

Jeyver Rodriguez

Academic Visiting at Australian Catholic University

Joel Katzav

University of Queensland

John Bigelow

Emeritus Professor at Monash University

John Howes

Dr at Learningguild

John Reynolds

Mr at University of Wollongong

Jon Herington

University of Rochester

Jordan Skrzynski

Victoria University Of WeIIington

Julia Haas

Dr. at The Australian National University

Justin D'Ambrosio

Research Fellow at Australian National University

Justin Ramsay

PhD Candidate at University of Wollongong

Karen Green

University Of Melbourne

Karola Stotz

Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University

Katina Michael

Arizona State University

Katrina Hutchison

Dr at Macquarie University

Kei Fukuhara

PhD Student at Nagoya University

Kim Sterelny

Professor at Australian National University

Kramer Thompson

Mr at Macquarie University

Krister Bykvist

Professor i praktisk filosofi at Stockholm University / Filosofiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet

Kristjan Laasik

Associate Professor at Zhejiang University

Lachlan Walmsley

Mr at Australian National University

Laura Davy

Postdoctoral research fellow at University of New South Wales, Canberra

Lisa Hecht

Taking Risks and Suffering Wrongs at Stockholm University

Logan Wigglesworth

PHD Graduate Student at Rice University

Luara Ferracioli

Lecturer in Political Philosophy at University of Sydney

Mackenzie Groff

Ms. at University of Auckland

Marc Cheong

Dr at Monash University

Marcia Pinheiro

Shared Ego: Isolating Phenomena of the Human Psyche at IICSE University DE

Marco Grix

Lecturer at Massey University

Marianne McAllister

Macquarie University

Mark Alfano

Professor at Australian Catholic University & Delft University of Technology

Martin Leckey

Dr at University of Melbourne

Martin Vacek

Mr. at Slovak Academy of Sciences

Mary Jean Walker

Dr at Monash University

Massimiliano Cappuccio

university of new south wales

Matthew Flannagan

Philosophy and Theology teacher at St Peters College, Auckland

Matthew Hammerton

Assistant Professor at Singapore Management University

Matthew Joseph

Mr at University of Sydney

PhD thesis abstract: The intuition that people ought to be free to move around the world in search of their own good seems prima facie plausible. Certainly, the contra claim – that is, that people should not be free to move around the world in search of their own good – seems counter to folk conceptions of liberty. However, this initial intuition conflicts with another intuition: that states have a right and perhaps even a duty to control the flow of people across their borders. My thesis investigates whether or not states do in fact have a legitimate reason to control the movements of civilians who are migrating in search of their own good.

Max Deutscher

Emeritus Professor at Macquarie U

Melissa Fusco

Assistant Professor at Columbia University in the City of New York

Michael Smith


Michael Vincent

UQ and ACU

Mike Grimshaw

Associate Professor at University of Canterbury

Naoyuki Kajimoto

PhD Student at University of Sydney

Nathaniel Gan

Mr at University of Sydney

Ned Howells-Whitaker

Mr. at University of Pittsburgh

Neil Levy

Professor at Macquarie University

Niccolo Negro

Mr. at Monash University

Nicholas Dibella

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Bilkent University

Nick Brancazio

PhD Candidate at University of Wollongong

Nick Munn

Senior Lecturer at University of Waikato

Noel Clemente

PhD Student at Macquarie University

Oliver Rawle

Mr at The Australian National University

Olusegun Samuel

PhD Candidate at Unsw

On Yi Sin

Mr. at The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Oscar Davis

Bond University

Patrick Dawson

PhD Candidate at The University of Sydney

PhD candidate within the department for the History and Philosophy of Science, at the University of Sydney.

Paul O'Halloran

Mr at University of Melbourne

Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky

University of Melbourne

Peter Ellerton

Director (curriculum and pedagogy) UQ Critical Thinking Project, Lecturer in Critical Thinking at University Queensland

Peter Evans

Dr at University of Queensland

Peter O'Connor

Mr at University of Wollongong

Peter Slezak

Dr. at University of New South Wales

Raphael Morris

Monash University

Razvan Sofroni

PhD Student at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Renée Bolinger

Assistant professor at Princeton University

Ricardo Augusto Perera

Mr. at Monash University

Richard Hamilton

Senior Lecturer at University of Notre Dame Australia

Ricki Bliss


Riley Harris

MPhil Student at Adelaide University

Robert Sternhell

Tutor at The University of Sydney

Robert Vant Hoff

Mr. at Princeton University

Robin Dembroff

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Yale University

Rosa Terlazzo

Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of Rochester

Ross Pain

Mr at Australian National University

Russell Blackford

Conjoint Senior Lecturer at University of Newcastle

Russell Meyer

Mr at University of Wollongong

Sakinah Munday

Masters student at The University of Melbourne

Sam Baron

Senior Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia

Samiksha Goyal

Research Scholar at Monash University

Samuel Jones

Macquarie University

Sandra Field

Assistant Professor of Humanities (Philosophy) at Yale-NUS College, Singapore

Sandy Boucher

Lecturer at University of New England (AU)

Sean Donahue

University of Southern California

Shang Long Yeo

National University of Singapore

Hi there! I'm Shang, a senior tutor at the National University of Singapore. I work mainly in moral philosophy, but I also have interests in political philosophy, epistemology, and decision theory. Feel free to get in touch at phiysl@nus.edu.sg, and see you around this conference!

Shannon Brick

PhD Candidate at CUNY Graduate Center

Shawn Standefer

Dr. at University of Melbourne

Shun Tsugita

postdoc researcher at Nagoya University

Stephen Hetherington

Emeritus Professor at University of New South Wales / UNSW

Steven Stern

DR at Victoria University

Suguru Ito

PhD student at Nagoya University

Ted Shear

Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Queensland

Teresa Marques

University of Barcelona

I'm a researcher at the Philosophy Department of the University of Barcelona, with the LOGOS Group and the BIAP - Barcelona Institute for Analytic Philosophy. I'm an associate member of the Philosophy Center of the University of Lisbon. I specialize in philosophy of language, and work also in metaethics, feminist philosophy, and legal and social philosophy. My recent work focuses on disagreement and conflicts, evaluative and normative discourse, including pejoratives and dangerous speech, and on the interaction between language and social reality.

Thomas Schmidt

Professor at Humboldt University Berlin

Thomas Yates

Professional Teaching Fellow at The University of Auckland

Tim Smartt

Mr at University of Sydney/University of Notre Dame Australia

Timothy Luke Williamson

Mr at Australian National University

Travis McKenna

University of Pittsburgh

Ushana Jayasuriya

PhD Candidate at University of New South Wales / UNSW

Vanessa Schouten

Dr at Massey University

Walter Sinnott-Armstrong

Professor at Duke University

Wei Zeng

PHD Candidate at Nagoya University

William Tuckwell

Mr at University of Melbourne

Xavier Symons

Research Associate at The University of Notre Dame Australia

Ya-Ting Chang

Dr. at Macquarie University

Yannik Thiem

Columbia University

Ünsal Çimen

Asst. Prof. at Muş Alparslan University